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Case Results

  • Wire Fraud, Healthcare Fraud and Conspiracy case dropped by U.S. Attorney

    Our client, a doctor, was accused by Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General of over-billing and fraudulently billing for services that were alleged have been not rendered or coded incorrectly at a higher billing rate than permitted under Medicare rules.  In the end, our client ... Read On

  • Aggravated Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

    Our Client was in middle of a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend over their child.  As our client began to make progress on the custody case, the child allegedly makes an "outcry" of sexual abuse against our client.  The claim is investigated in two counties and our client is indicted and arre... Read On

  • Tampering with Evidence-Not Guilty

    After stopping  our client for speeding, the DPS Trooper believed he smelled the odor of green marijuana in our client's vehicle.  The Trooper then searched and located a baggie that he said had the corner torn off but contained "particles" of marijuana along with some Swisher Sweets.  Believing ... Read On

  • Murder Case Dismissed Due to Prosecutorial Misconduct

    After securing a retrial for our client on her murder conviction, we were able to convince the District Attorney, a Special Prosecutor and the Trial Court that the Assistant District Attorney that previously handled the case had committed prosecutorial misconduct to the degree that a retrial woul... Read On

  • Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute Anabolic Steroids & Introduction of Misbranded Drugs into Interstate Commerce - Dismissed

    Agents seized tens of thousands of dosages units of anabolic steroids upon executing a federal search warrant  at the home of our future client based upon the shipment of anabolic steroids throughout the country via the United State Postal Service.  Days later, our future client was in China and ... Read On

  • Presidential Clemency-Federal Drug Conspiracy Conviction

    President Obama granted our Petition for Commutation of Sentence and freed our client after serving 21 years of a life sentence imposed in the Western District of North Carolina. She was convicted of conspiracy to possess and distribute crack cocaine. Click to see what it is like to walk out of p... Read On

  • DWI 2nd and Resisting Arrest- Motion to Suppress Granted

    Our client was detained and subsequently arrested in her front yard for DWI an Resisting Arrest following a 911 call by her estranged mother in law that our client had just left her home and was intoxicated.   Our Motion to Suppress alleged DPS troopers violated her expectation of privacy by ente... Read On

  • Injury to a Child and CPS cases dismissed

    Our client was accused of causing a closed head injury to one of her 3 month old twins.  Based upon an incomplete investigation and misguided medical opinion, CPS quickly moved in and removed both of her children.  She was then indicted for the second degree injury to child.  After getting the di... Read On

  • Assault Family Violence- Not Guilty

    Our client was on trial for assaulting his then girlfriend.  She told police that the marks on her hand, elbow and neck were from him assaulting and choking her.  Our client was told by police at the scene that he was under arrest "because she has injuries and I wasn't here to see it so I have to... Read On

  • DWI-2nd – Motion to Suppress Granted

    Judge granted our motion to suppress finding Sheriffs Deputies illegally detained our client waiting a DPS Trooper. Case dismissed. Read On

  • Murder-Conviction and 40 year sentence overturned

    Client shot her ex-boyfriend in the face with a .22 pistol while she was attempting to move out. At trial she claimed self-defense but the jury rejected her claim and she was convicted. On appeal, we pointed out that she was also entitled to a defense of property instruction. The appellate court ... Read On

  • Assault on a Public Servant- Jury Trial- Not Guilty

    Our client was accused of assaulting a female police officer and then resisting arrest when another officer came to her aid. After a 2 day trial, we were able to demonstrate that the officer not only disliked our client and was not acting lawfully when she tried to arrest him for an outstanding w... Read On

  • Capital Murder- Conviction Overturned

    Client was convicted of capital murder that occurred in 1988 but tried in 2008. The Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the conviction after we were able to prove he received ineffective assistance of counsel. He later pleaded guilty to reduced charged that amounted to time served.   Read On

  • DWI- .09 breath test Jury Trial- Not Guilty

    Client with CDL was speeding home from work in West Texas when he was stopped. Client had open container of alcohol in his vehicle yet denied drinking. He performed all field sobriety tests and then resisted arrest, cussing the officer the entire time. He voluntarily took a breath test which resu... Read On

  • Sentence for Murder Overturned on Appeal

    After confessing to police that she had shot the victim, the client pleaded guilty to murder. A jury sentenced her to 40 years in prison. We represented the client in her appeal and secured a reversal of the 40 year prison sentence due to an erroneous jury charge. Read On

  • Capital Murder/Arson- Reduced to Murder and minimum sentence.

    Our client was accused of an arson that killed 2 people in 2001. An alleged jailhouse confession brought charges after 13 years. After 3 days of trial, we were able call into question whether there was an intentionally set fire. With only 2 witnesses to go, the State offered our client a reduced ... Read On

  • DWI- Jury Trial- Motion to Suppress granted midway through trial.

    Though a pretrial motion to suppress was denied, the arresting officers story changed in front of the jury and the Judge granted the motion to suppress, directed the jury to find him not guilty and the client was found not guilty. The case was later expunged.  Read On

  • Civil Rights-Excessive Force- Jury Trial, Plaintiff wins.

    Jason Cassel and Shawn Latchford won a jury trial in federal court against a prison guard for using excessive force against our client. We were able to prove that the prison guard attacked our client so he could falsely claim an on the job injury.  Read On

  • Probation Revocation and Prison Sentence Overturned on Appeal

    Our client was alleged to have tested positive for methamphetamine and ETG, an alleged marker for the consumption of alcohol. Upon hearing the evidence over objections, the Court revoked her probation and sentenced her to prison. Based upon the objections we made at the probation revocation, the ... Read On

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